Who we are

Prophil is dedicated to the mutually-beneficial convergence of philanthropic and business models

A few words…

Prophil is a strategic consulting firm specialised in new philanthropic and business models. Prophil assists companies and entrepreneurs, in France and abroad, with their innovation projects combining donation and investment, looking for convergence between economic return and social impact.

Founded in 2013, Prophil is the combination of 20 years of commitment of its associates : Virginie SEGHERS, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship expert, and Geneviève FERONE CREUZET, responsible finance and corporate sustainable development pioneer.

Why Prophil ?


Professionnal, proactive, prospective

Prophil’s team is expert in both traditional business and responsible economics.  Graduates from top business, law, and political science schools, with more than 20 years of successful experience inside and as consultants for international companies, its collaborators combine skills and backgrounds to ensure the development of a more responsible – solidarity – economy.  Prophil is committed to the belief that, together, companies and social entrepreneurs have the means to invent and deploy economic innovations that can effectively address major planetary challenges.


The love of Human kind

When conceived and realised as a social innovation laboratory, philanthropic considerations can inspire economic actors toward a more respectful development of practices, products, and services – while still generating beneficial economic return.  Prophil promotes focused, creative, and complementary entrepreneurial philanthropy, ranging from classic donations to hybrid partnerships between companies and social entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurial philanthropy is an investment that supports research and development, offers a source of renewal, and transforms companies’ strategy.


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