26 November 2020

The first reference guide (2019)

Under the spotlight in France since the launch of the Action Program for Business Growth and Transformation (PACTE), mission-led company is a hybrid model that articulates economic profitability and the common good. It redraws the borders between “for profit” and “non for profit” worlds, private and public.


This publication, produced by Prophil in collaboration with the Fondation des Possibles, Entreprises et Cités, and KPMG, figures out the five unmissable steps for the transformation in a mission-led company, related to mission, governance, business model, value sharing and evaluation.


This reference guide reproduce the result of collective reflections carried out in partnership with the Catholic University of Lille and 50 executive leaders of the Hauts de France, and provides tools for all companies that wish to commit on the path of the mission-led company.

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