Supporting visionary companies

Consulting Department

Prophil’s Consulting Department supports companies which want to break with traditional CSR models and cross the "profit vs non-profit" border, to embark on the path of transformation responding to the challenges of the 21st century.

Our activities

Our methodologies are based on 25 years of expertise of Prophil’s partners, Virginie Seghers and Geneviève Férone-Creuzet, specialized in extra-financial rating, CSR, sustainable development, new philanthropy and social innovation. They are both enriched by the research work of Prophil on emerging models such as mission-led companies or shareholder foundations.

  • Become a mission-led company. Define your mission, transform your business model and your governance.
  • Define your territorial footprint. Assess the economic, social and environmental footprint of your organization.
  • Elaborate a sustainable strategy in light of your mission, the challenges of your sector and your business impact.
  • Define your philanthropic strategy. Create your own foundation or redefine your strategy.
  • Become a shareholder foundation. Transfer your business to a shareholder foundation.

Purpose & Mission-led company

We support organizations at all stages of their progress towards the mission-led company statute, from the formalization of their mission or the statutory change. We work on the vision, values, commitments, governance and evaluation.



We conceive the impact assessment or the evaluation of the mission as a tool for transforming and steering the strategy and global performance of companies. 

Our methodology, the Territorial Footprint, enables us to determine the economic, social and environmental contributions and impacts of a company in a given territory. To that end, we create a tailor-made impact analysis matrix (depending on the business sector and its challenges, stakeholders, geographic location, etc.) and we support the company in its development into action plan and operational implementation. 


Sustainable strategies

In addition to the transformation into a mission-led company and impact assessment, Prophil supports the deployment of sustainable strategies in order to perpetuate the business model in the light of growing social and environmental constraints of the twenty-first century. 


Philanthropic strategies

Prophil supports companies, families of entrepreneurs and foundations in defining, implementing and assessing their philanthropic strategy. From the vision to the national or international deployment of the foundation, from the choice of legal statutes to the composition of governance bodies, from projects selection to the partnership’s assessment, Prophil is working alongside entrepreneurs at all key stages of the creation of their foundation (or similar structure).


Shareholder foundation

Prophil is the key firm in France specialized in shareholder foundations. We support business owners and their families at each stage of the business transfer to a shareholder foundation: feasibility study, family involvement, transmission scenarios, definition of the scope of responsibility, philanthropic strategy and involvement of stakeholders in governance bodies.