Research Hub

Prophil reclaims and reveals new governance, management and handover models of businesses serving the common good.

Its mission is to:

  • Publish international dimension studies, about research subject, unknown in France, collaborating with academic and business chairs
    • 2015: Shareholder Foundations, first European study. Published in partnership with philanthropic chair of ESSEC and Delsos Avocats, and with support of Mazars.
    • 2017: Mission-led companies, first international overview of new hybrid legal forms serving the common good. Published in partnership with Theory of the firm chair of Mines ParisTech, and with support of Caisse des Dépôts, KPMG and Sycomore.
  • Run regular conferences and meetings concerning these unknown topics: schools, businesses networks, family offices, private banks, etc.
  • Organize an advocacy to stimulates these models in France: collaborating with authorities.
  • Call up public and private partners in order to further the topic in France.
  • Plan study traveling/learning expeditions to discover the most innovative foreign models.

Prophil’s research hub is supported by legitimate and committed businesses in Prophil’s topics.


Our first studies


Shareholder Foundations

When capitalistic businesses have as principal shareholders, indeed only, foundations: discovery of the north-European model and first comparative study.


Mission-led companies

When companies integrate to their legal forms an expanded mission. First international overview of the new hybrid legal forms which surpass the lucrative / non-lucrative cleavage.


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