Prophil, a mission-led company

Our values



high requirements


our reason for being and our objectives

Pave the way to accelerate companies' contribution to the common good

To accelerate companies’ contribution to the common good, it is imperative to pave the way and to imagine new models. We are convinced that entrepreneurs have a significant role to play, in terms of transformation and inspiration. Prophil is deliberately committed between economics and philanthropy because their synergies will give rise to structuring innovations and alternative models of value creation and sharing.

Objective #1

Supporting entrepreneurs and governance bodies in their strategic shift towards these models, in order to accelerate the contribution of companies to the common good.

Objective #2

Explore and bring up new economic and governance models at the service of the common good.

Objective #3

Promote and disseminate these alternative models to entrepreneurs and public authorities and encourage the transformation of the legal framework.

Our community

Mission-led companies' community

Prophil, through Geneviève-Ferone Creuzet, is a board member of the “Communauté des Entreprises à mission”, an organization which gathers first French-mission-led companies. As an administrator, Geneviève contributes to leading research missions dedicated on mission-led companies.