The first European study
26 November 2020


The first European study



Who knows that Tata (India), Bosch or Bertelsmann (Germany), Rolex (Swiss), Ikea (Sweden), Carlsberg (Denmark), or Pierre Fabre (France) belong to… foundations? They are more than 1,000 in Germany, 1,000 in Sweden, 1,350 in Denmark, these companies, big or little, whose founders have made the choice to transfer full or in part their capital and rights to vote to foundations.


Despite its doubly virtuous characteristic, this model is generally unknown in France, where the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, and to a lesser extent the Merieux Institute, are exceptions.


As philanthropy becomes more entrepreneurial and capitalism more responsible, as in France 700,000 family companies will be transfer in the 15 years to come and the Welfare State struggles, the shareholder foundation is undeniably to develop.

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