Our team

Created in 2013, Prophil is the convergence of twenty-five years of expertise from its founders: Virginie Seghers, specialized in new philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, and Geneviève Ferone Creuzet, pioneer in responsible finance and corporate sustainable development.

Notre équipe

  • Eeva-Nordstrom Eeva-Nordstrom

    Eeva Nordstrom

    Senior consultant
    Otherwise, Eeva likes snow, but not a bad seat at the restaurant
  • Virginie-Seghers Virginie-Seghers

    Virginie Seghers

    Co-founder and President
    Otherwise, Virginie likes singing, but not anglicisms
  • Timothe-Miot Timothe-Miot

    Timothé Miot

    Consultant and Research officer
    Otherwise, Timothé likes croissants, but not neo-croissants
  • Maylis-Cartigny Maylis-Cartigny

    Maÿlis Cartigny

    Head of the Research Department and manager consultant
    Otherwise, Maÿlis likes philosophy, and even more good jokes
  • Antoine-de-Seigneurens Antoine-de-Seigneurens

    Antoine de Seigneurens

    Senior Consultant
    Otherwise, Antoine likes ponies, but not the ones named "Caramel"
  • Gabriel-Malek Gabriel-Malek

    Gabriel Malek

    Senior Consultant
    Otherwise, Gabriel likes Miyazaki films, but not metavers
  • Julie-Gamet Julie-Gamet

    Julie Gamet

    Consultant and Mission Manager
    Otherwise, Julie likes zero waste DIY, but not mosquitoes
  • Fabienne, membre de l'équipe Prophil Fabienne, membre de l'équipe Prophil

    Fabienne Bedos

    Office Manager
    Otherwise, Fabienne likes Michokos, but not contradictions
  • Genevieve-Ferone-Creuzet Geneviève-Ferone-Creuzet

    Geneviève Ferone Creuzet

    Co-founder and Partner
    Otherwise, Geneviève likes plants, but not green algae
  • Teha-Moatti Teha-Moatti

    Teha Moatti

    Otherwise, Teha likes dancing, but not chicory
  • Vincent-Wisner Vincent-Wisner

    Vincent Wisner

    General Manager
    Otherwise, Vincent likes the marvelous, but not the fantastic