Consulting hub

Prophil consulting hub supports entrepreneurs, investors and foundations, in France and abroad, at every stage of their common good commitment. Thus Prophil encourage :

  • A more entrepreneurial philanthropy: creation, (re)structuration and foundations/general interest substances escort and consistency with social and environmental responsibility of the firm.
  • A business mission enlarged to social and environmental issues: integration of sustainability and responsibility issues to the business strategy, adaptation of economic models and governance models.
  • Creation of substances and foundations corporations’ shareholders: businesses transmission, particularly with family offices, to substances/foundations in a perspective of long term production of building and engagement in favour of the common interest values.
  • Evaluation and characterization of the economic, social, environmental and indeed cultural impacts of the projects: Prophil value the foundations and businesses imprint, in order to objectify their material and non-material contributions to their strategic stakeholders.

Prophil proposes to pioneers entrepreneurs that it accompanies to join the “pioneers Prophil” group, which gathers those who experiment governance and management serving the common good new models.


Our tools

Territorial footprint

A tool serving strategy and firms steering. The footprint allows to objectify the creation of shared value, evaluating the economic, social and environmental impacts, between the business and all of its stakeholders on a given territory.

Evaluation of the foundations impacts

Prophil has developed a specific tool of analysis and evaluation of the foundation impact on their different stakeholders, in order to run, indeed redirect, their strategies. Prophil also analyses and characterises the businesses / associations / foundations partnerships.

Transmission and governance

Prophil has developed a specific accompanying methodology for familial offices interested by shareholders foundations, with the definition and implementation of a double economic and philanthropic mission.

Intelligence services

Prophil runs a continuous monitoring over innovative philanthropic and business models, as well as specific topics, that can be a source of inspiration for its clients.

Materiality workshop

A tool serving the definition of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues. The workshops allow to identify your stakeholders needs and expectations, to associate your collaborators in the co-construction of sustainable and responsible strategies, creating shared value.


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