Company territorial footprint

The territorial footprint is a tool built to support strategic and operational decisions within a company. It evaluates the shared value creation on the triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental, and over the company regarding its various stakeholders in a specific territory.

Realising a territorial footprint allows companies to integrate CSR strategic issues into their development strategy, as a way to better address local needs and expectations regarding their activities.

The evaluation is based on the construction of a dynamic dashboard, made of ad hoc key performance indicators, as well as a dedicated issue mapping taking into account the specifics of the company, its market and the location where it takes place.

The company then has at its disposal a unique diagnostic over all its short, mid and long term impacts. It helps to measure, prioritise and manage a sustainable performance  strategy adapted to its various stakeholders.

The footprint can be determined at every development stages of a project, whether it is meant to evaluate very mature initiatives or an awakening project through an ex ante analysis that will help to measure future improvements once the original goals have been defined.

The footprint enrich a responsible vision, combining anticipation, adaptation and innovation.

The footprint is characterised by a detailed study, a synthesis made of dynamic graphic presentations, and our strategic recommendations.

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